Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

After the solitary Christmas weekend of non-stop TV and cup noodles came the anticipated I Hate this day Monday.  Here we are at the office again. I was ready to face the boring and unbearable  jologsness of my co-workers and to live this day as another blank page of my life story when I decided to check my Facebook.  There in the my inbox I saw the light coming from above the heavens  shinning directly on me.  There keep still these messages that forced my mouth to open wide and drool  for a couple of minutes.

One of the messages says, “Ok - Santa came a little bit late but YOU are getting your VOGUE Subscription thru me & your Uncle Orland - it will come though from the States via Auntie Grace - so give your mailing address to your Auntie Grace.....HO,HO,HO Merry Christmas !!!”

How inspiring is this? My boring co-workers surrounding my beautiful existence disappeared as my happiness overpowered them. OMG  as in Oh My Gal Bladder I wanna shout but I can’t.  I want to jump up and down but I just can’t. Ohhhhh   ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  how many ohhhhhhhhhhhhh do I have to type to explain this overflowing joy. Thanks Auntie Ching and Uncle  Oscar, as well as Auntie Grace for this lovely so special gift.  One more Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guess Who?

Support Local but High Qual

I was looking for basic tees last week and got exhausted going around and seeing the typical graphic tees. Folded&Hung, Oxygen, Bench and all the other local stores where all about 80's neon and blown at your face abstract nowadays. I was fed up with how all the shirts looks the same. Local brands are good merchandise. However, the styles simply gets left behind. Fortunately a not so new name I've discovered just last week is Mental. No, I am not going mental, and I am not outdated that it's just last week that I've heard of it. No, It was just last week that I discovered the new tees they are selling at Mental.

I love their clothes because they have their own style and they stand out for hugging it. There are shirts that can go as simple as white with a little touch of psychotic experimentation by adding asymmetrical cuts and crooked button holes. It's simple, It's crazy, it's the Lady Gaga of local clothes brand. They also have simple t-shirts that playful men will surely like.

I bought a couple of tees and browsed through the racks on the female section. Surprisingly, I noticed some nice and playful pieces that I'm sure many of you would enjoy.

Fashion Police Alert

I found this dress in forever21 and immediately remembered the Lanvin for H&M dress that I saw on Bryanboy's blog. I'm sure Alber doesn't know about this. Forever21, you have some explaining to do!!


Lanvin for H&M

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dress Her Up

let's dress you up for a casual after the Christmas party lunch date. I have been looking around different shops lately and I found nice must haves for a lunch date.

Lets start with a very dressy tube top that will surely make you move freely while boys go gaga over your back and neck. Make that guy see how sexy you are to other guys and he will surely not let you go.

Partner it with casual blue jeans that is cut just low enough. Perfect for the long top that cuts you in the middle of the body. The light colored top will be complemented by this not too dark blue.

Now the shoes has to be ferocious but comfortable. Check out this goodies that we saw also in Forever 21. It's not dressy but not bitchy as well. It has enough glam and sexiness in it. Plus, my friend tried it on and she said it's like a portable foot spa. She bought it.

Now, let's talk about where to put all you thingamabob. Let's avoid lipstick stains, powder and pressed powder on your clothes. Ohhh it's just so frustrating. Organize your gadgets as well as your crazy stuff in this very cute quilted studded bag. It's the perfect bag to complete your romantic bitch look for this day date that you've been looking forward too.

You could throw in a jacket but in this weather I would suggest not to bring one. However, if the date goes well and you decided to enjoy the night out together as well, I suggest a leather jacket to contrast the very romantic look and release the ferocious devil inside you.
Funny how stupid people can be.

There is this person who is so stupid I wanna hit him with the bottle of water I was holding.

Imagine some message just popped out of you inbox. It was from someone you don't know with the typical Hi! Hello! Comatose messages. Then you go reply with another hello because for you it's like ….. Hell who is this person desperate enough to message people he doesn't know. Know what I mean.

So yeah I responded by sending another hi and he answered with another Hi! I am Blah Blah. Then I messaged him asking “What do you want?” and then out of know where he replies with, “What do I want? You mean?”

Oh fucking cunt, this person is so stupid that his brain is made of polymer. I replied, “Yeah, Anus face that's what I typed. Right?”

I just hate it when people ask stupid questions.


Kaliwa po tayo manong.

Dito po sa kaliwa?

Hindi manong sa kanan sa kanan tayo.


Yaya paki bukas ung garahe aalis ako.

Ngaun na po sir?

Hindi next week na next week mo na buksan.


Miss may small kayu nito?

Small po?

Hindi large ung pinaka maliit, yung large. gets?

Posted Yesterday December 14, 2010

Today, Ellen, my dinner buddy went out on a date with a stranger. (that ho!) She went out with another friend and left me eating dinner alone. I went out for a half pint vanilla ice cream at yellow and shanghai at Jollibee. I decided to eat in the lounge since almost everytime during that time, people in this shit hole are all engaged in their every fucking shenanigans. I was surprised when I saw a lot of bitches eating crap inside the lounge. They can all suck my cock for they occupied all the funny round tables. I pretended to be an angel in a soft long white Chanel chiffon dress and asked one girl if they are kind enough to share me a seat. That maggot said no to my face explaining that somebody’s butt fits that cheap chair. Fortunately, because I managed to keep my cool and wear a smile with the existing halo on top of my head, somebody offered a seat„„ in the middle of the room.
I took my food out of the bag and started to eat. One person to my surprised called my attention asking what I was eating to which I retorted Ice Cream. The fat bitch reacted and I quote, “Kaya pala tahimik ka ayaw mo mamigay.”
Excusez-moi. Je vous demande pardon! You maggots don’t even exist to me. Who gave you the authority to question my decision which is mere legal in this country not to speak with you or anybody in particular in this room? I will eat whatever I wanna eat in whatever way I wanna eat eat it. I can suck cock and all of you can go on with you wicked lives.
I imagined saying that, but I was wearing the long white Chanel chiffon dress plus the halo on top of my head, so I just smiled at her with an intention to please.
You bitches will never be able to sink your teeth in this treat because this is going straight as add on to your fat thighs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gadget Wars?

Being the cheapskate that I am, I most of the time leave the car at home and take FX or jeepney to Ortigas. Whether it's to the mall or anywhere, if it's a weekday, the car should be left in the garage. Today on my way to Ortigas center I decided to take a jeepney ride since it's not very hot and it's kinda windy. Anyway, I was having great day until....

Inside the jeepney, I felt my phone vibrating. I always make it a point that it's in vibrate mode because I want to be considerate with the people around me. I pulled my phone out my tote bag and started reading a Facebook comment. I was smiling while reading the comment when I noticed the person in front me moving desperately inside the jeep trying to pull what seems to be in her pocket at the end of her earphones. This girl revealed her iPhone and started checking out something.
I looked at her phone and noticed it was pink. Cute!!! Then I looked at her face and was surprised that she was looking at me. I looked away.Now, this whore with the motherhonking iPhone started to show the slums in her and made face at me as I looked away.

What is the drama? I was able to keep my cool as I convinced myself that it's okay. It was nothing. Maybe it was her normal face. A mannerism perhaps. However, my point is, what in this godforsaken world is her problem aside from her face?

Is there a battle of gadget going on? You would sometimes notice people in a public place displaying whatever gadgets they have when they see somebody displaying a gadget? What's up with these expensive thingamajigs? Why do people have to brag about these materialistic possessions? And what's with the fucking make face? I ain't playing your my phone is better than yours shit.

If you believe that you have a better phone than I am, good for you MISS HARLOT. But, I am having a great day and I am not gonna let your GALIS ruin it.


Let me start this Blog with a bitchy approach.

I am Mick. I am a part time English teacher. I love painting, drawing and talking about how people can be so irritating at times. You will read a lot of about the aforementioned in this Blog. However, I also see beauty in things which I will surely share as well. I hope you would enjoy reading it more than I enjoyed writing it.