Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gadget Wars?

Being the cheapskate that I am, I most of the time leave the car at home and take FX or jeepney to Ortigas. Whether it's to the mall or anywhere, if it's a weekday, the car should be left in the garage. Today on my way to Ortigas center I decided to take a jeepney ride since it's not very hot and it's kinda windy. Anyway, I was having great day until....

Inside the jeepney, I felt my phone vibrating. I always make it a point that it's in vibrate mode because I want to be considerate with the people around me. I pulled my phone out my tote bag and started reading a Facebook comment. I was smiling while reading the comment when I noticed the person in front me moving desperately inside the jeep trying to pull what seems to be in her pocket at the end of her earphones. This girl revealed her iPhone and started checking out something.
I looked at her phone and noticed it was pink. Cute!!! Then I looked at her face and was surprised that she was looking at me. I looked away.Now, this whore with the motherhonking iPhone started to show the slums in her and made face at me as I looked away.

What is the drama? I was able to keep my cool as I convinced myself that it's okay. It was nothing. Maybe it was her normal face. A mannerism perhaps. However, my point is, what in this godforsaken world is her problem aside from her face?

Is there a battle of gadget going on? You would sometimes notice people in a public place displaying whatever gadgets they have when they see somebody displaying a gadget? What's up with these expensive thingamajigs? Why do people have to brag about these materialistic possessions? And what's with the fucking make face? I ain't playing your my phone is better than yours shit.

If you believe that you have a better phone than I am, good for you MISS HARLOT. But, I am having a great day and I am not gonna let your GALIS ruin it.

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