Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Funny how stupid people can be.

There is this person who is so stupid I wanna hit him with the bottle of water I was holding.

Imagine some message just popped out of you inbox. It was from someone you don't know with the typical Hi! Hello! Comatose messages. Then you go reply with another hello because for you it's like ….. Hell who is this person desperate enough to message people he doesn't know. Know what I mean.

So yeah I responded by sending another hi and he answered with another Hi! I am Blah Blah. Then I messaged him asking “What do you want?” and then out of know where he replies with, “What do I want? You mean?”

Oh fucking cunt, this person is so stupid that his brain is made of polymer. I replied, “Yeah, Anus face that's what I typed. Right?”

I just hate it when people ask stupid questions.


Kaliwa po tayo manong.

Dito po sa kaliwa?

Hindi manong sa kanan sa kanan tayo.


Yaya paki bukas ung garahe aalis ako.

Ngaun na po sir?

Hindi next week na next week mo na buksan.


Miss may small kayu nito?

Small po?

Hindi large ung pinaka maliit, yung large. gets?

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