Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dress Her Up

let's dress you up for a casual after the Christmas party lunch date. I have been looking around different shops lately and I found nice must haves for a lunch date.

Lets start with a very dressy tube top that will surely make you move freely while boys go gaga over your back and neck. Make that guy see how sexy you are to other guys and he will surely not let you go.

Partner it with casual blue jeans that is cut just low enough. Perfect for the long top that cuts you in the middle of the body. The light colored top will be complemented by this not too dark blue.

Now the shoes has to be ferocious but comfortable. Check out this goodies that we saw also in Forever 21. It's not dressy but not bitchy as well. It has enough glam and sexiness in it. Plus, my friend tried it on and she said it's like a portable foot spa. She bought it.

Now, let's talk about where to put all you thingamabob. Let's avoid lipstick stains, powder and pressed powder on your clothes. Ohhh it's just so frustrating. Organize your gadgets as well as your crazy stuff in this very cute quilted studded bag. It's the perfect bag to complete your romantic bitch look for this day date that you've been looking forward too.

You could throw in a jacket but in this weather I would suggest not to bring one. However, if the date goes well and you decided to enjoy the night out together as well, I suggest a leather jacket to contrast the very romantic look and release the ferocious devil inside you.

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