Thursday, December 16, 2010

Support Local but High Qual

I was looking for basic tees last week and got exhausted going around and seeing the typical graphic tees. Folded&Hung, Oxygen, Bench and all the other local stores where all about 80's neon and blown at your face abstract nowadays. I was fed up with how all the shirts looks the same. Local brands are good merchandise. However, the styles simply gets left behind. Fortunately a not so new name I've discovered just last week is Mental. No, I am not going mental, and I am not outdated that it's just last week that I've heard of it. No, It was just last week that I discovered the new tees they are selling at Mental.

I love their clothes because they have their own style and they stand out for hugging it. There are shirts that can go as simple as white with a little touch of psychotic experimentation by adding asymmetrical cuts and crooked button holes. It's simple, It's crazy, it's the Lady Gaga of local clothes brand. They also have simple t-shirts that playful men will surely like.

I bought a couple of tees and browsed through the racks on the female section. Surprisingly, I noticed some nice and playful pieces that I'm sure many of you would enjoy.

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