Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Posted Yesterday December 14, 2010

Today, Ellen, my dinner buddy went out on a date with a stranger. (that ho!) She went out with another friend and left me eating dinner alone. I went out for a half pint vanilla ice cream at yellow and shanghai at Jollibee. I decided to eat in the lounge since almost everytime during that time, people in this shit hole are all engaged in their every fucking shenanigans. I was surprised when I saw a lot of bitches eating crap inside the lounge. They can all suck my cock for they occupied all the funny round tables. I pretended to be an angel in a soft long white Chanel chiffon dress and asked one girl if they are kind enough to share me a seat. That maggot said no to my face explaining that somebody’s butt fits that cheap chair. Fortunately, because I managed to keep my cool and wear a smile with the existing halo on top of my head, somebody offered a seat„„ in the middle of the room.
I took my food out of the bag and started to eat. One person to my surprised called my attention asking what I was eating to which I retorted Ice Cream. The fat bitch reacted and I quote, “Kaya pala tahimik ka ayaw mo mamigay.”
Excusez-moi. Je vous demande pardon! You maggots don’t even exist to me. Who gave you the authority to question my decision which is mere legal in this country not to speak with you or anybody in particular in this room? I will eat whatever I wanna eat in whatever way I wanna eat eat it. I can suck cock and all of you can go on with you wicked lives.
I imagined saying that, but I was wearing the long white Chanel chiffon dress plus the halo on top of my head, so I just smiled at her with an intention to please.
You bitches will never be able to sink your teeth in this treat because this is going straight as add on to your fat thighs.

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